Heal Like An Egyptian™ You Are About To Discover Secrets The Egyptian Pharaohs Knew About An Energy Tool That Quickly Balances Your Entire Energy System, Speeds Wellness, Manifesting Or Transformation in Just 15 Minutes Each Day.

Margie M. Mulligan
Expert on Egyptian Energy Tools & Metaphysics
"If you change your energy, you change your life.” Psychics, energy practitioners, quantum physicists and award winning biologists now agree this is true. Boost your life force energy so you can achieve the wellness, personal and business goals and higher consciousness you desire. You can assume ownership of your own life force energy and create the LIFE you want.

  • Are you spending hundreds of dollars each month out of your own pocket for wellness?
  • Do your healing practitioners, western or alternative, keep you in their waiting room?
  • Would you like to be able to “change your energy and change your life”, wellness and state of consciousness?
  • Do you wish it was simple and quick to get these results yourself?
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Balance all meridians and open chakras
Improve vitality and energy level
Deepen meditation and ability to focus intention
Increase mental clarity
Calm emotional overload and distress
Expand intuitive or psychic ability
8 different vibrations or amplitude sets of rods to match your energy system and needs.

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I’ve packaged what I’ve learned in 20+ years of studying and practicing
Egyptian and other methods of energy healing so that using these healing
rods is easy, powerful and can be integrated into your life in only 15
minutes a day. You can quickly and easily learn to use these energy
healing tools in service of your own goals and desires.

Training support on the phone to assist you as an individual or healing practitioner.

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Margie Mulligan, Ph.D. Margie M. Mulligan, Ph.D.
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